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Did you know that UVic's Legacy Art Galleries has approximately 2000 works of art on display across campus?

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UVic has more art on view in public (non-museum) spaces than at any other university in Canada! This program is one thing that distinguishes UVic. In just about every building you can find artwork from the collection that enlivens our working and learning environments. Furthermore, special exhibits can be found in First Peoples House, the Cornett Building and throughout the McPherson Library.

Over the next two years Legacy will be refreshing and refining some of the campus installations in order to connect them more closely with UVic's education mandate. We will strive to provide you with better signage and information about many of the artworks.

Furthermore, some changes in what we have on display will occur in order to ensure environmental and safety concerns for the art. Legacy has an important stewardship role, holding this valuable collection in trust for the benefit and education of present and future generations. In this role, we must protect more vulnerable artworks from serious deterioration caused by excessive light exposure as well as temperature and humidity fluctuations. Access to these works will be ensured through exhibitions in our galleries and through individual and classroom study.

If you have questions or concerns about our Art on Campus program please contact Mary Jo Hughes, Director of Legacy Art Galleries at artgallerydirector(at)uvic(dot)ca.

On Campus

On campus satellite exhibition locations

University Centre

The University Centre housed the offices of the University Art Collections before they moved to the Legacy Art Gallery downtown August 17, 2011. The Legacy Art Gallery is located at 630 Yates Street.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts building is home to a number of the University Art Collections' contemporary ceramics. The displays feature a unique selection of both Canadian and International pieces. The displays can be found throughout the building on both the first and second floor. Work from the Robin and Sylvia Skelton collection may be found on the second floor.
McPherson Library

McPherson Library

The McPherson Library and adjacent Mearns Centre house some 800 works from the University Art Collections in their public spaces. Highlights include sections devoted to the Rickard Contemporary First Nations print collection (third floor), paintings and prints by Donald Harvey (second floor) and areas devoted to some of the best-known artists in Victoria.

MacLaurin Building

The MacLaurin building is home to UVic's Education Faculty and School of Music. The MacLaurin Music Wing was completed in 1978 and houses a number of musical instruments form the Philip T. Young and James Kennedy collections. The cabinets display International Instruments, Baroque Instruments and Arts and Crafts windows from the Maltwood Collection.

Hickman Building

The Hickman Building display cabinets currently showcase Glass and Glassware from Katharine Maltwood's personal collection including stained glass designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and sculptures by Linda Stanbridge.

Murray & Anne Fraser Building

The Diana M. Priestly Law Library found in the Murray and Anne Fraser Building displays Priestly's personal ceramic collection, as well as a number of works focuses loosely around the theme of law. The main office is home to a number of First Nations prints from the University art Collection.
University Club

University Club

The University Club houses a number of Katharine Maltwood's sculptures and Arts and Crafts, furniture, graphic work and stained glass. Also featured are the Contemporary Northwest works by Donald Harvey and Carole Sabiston.

UVic Courtyard

The Uvic Courtyard has a number of sculptures on permanent display from the University of Victoria Legacy Art Galleries' modern and contemporary art collection. Elza Mayhew, a UVic alumna and member of the Royal Canadian Academy is featured with large bronze sculptures including "Coast Spirit". Also featured are the totem poles carved by Tony and Henry Hunt, as well as Charles Elliott.

Swan's Hotel & Brewpub

Swan's Hotel & Brewpub

Swan's Hotel & Brewpub features works from Michael C. Williams's collection focusing on Contemporary art of the Northwest Coast including Ken Flett, Susan Point, Jack Shadbolt, Herbert Siebner, and Myfanwy Pavelic's well-known portrait of Pierre Trudeau.

Self Guided ART TOUR

Michael C. Williams art Collection in Swans Hotel.

Government House

Government House

On loan to Government House are a number of works from Legacy Art Galleries Contemporary Art Collection. The House features works by Mywanwy Pavelic, Emily Carr, Joseph Plaskett, Robert Davidson, Donald Harvey and Susan Point.

Health Centres

Island Medical Program at Royal Jubilee Hospital

Island Medical Program at RJH – an installation of regional artwork in a variety of media featuring Donald Harvey, Gordon A. Smith, and Doug Morton.

Access Health Centre

More than forty works of art from the University of Victoria’s Art Collection have been installed at the ACCESS Health Centre in Victoria, British Columbia. The project began in 2008 with a request from the Cool-Aid Health Services team for works of art from the University’s Aart Collection to be installed at their new ACCESS health care facility in Victoria. This project has opened up the opportunity to test and develop the practice of participatory curation beyond a classroom community and outside of the walls of a gallery space. Works include photographs by Courtney Milne and prints by artists from this region such as Art Thompson, Gordon A. Smith and Tom Hunt.

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