The Emergence of Architectural Modernism in Victoria
Town and Gown



Caroline Riedel, Curator of Collections, University of Victoria Art Collections
Martin Segger, Exhibition Curator
Christopher Petter, Head of Special Collections, McPherson Library, Associate Curator
Lara Wilson, University Archivist, McPherson Library, Associate Curator
Cindy Vance, Programs Curator, University of Victoria Art Collections
Sophie Pouyanne, Student Curatorial Research Assistant
Dorothy June Fraser, Margaret Russell Fellowship Intern



University of Victoria Art Collections: Joy Davis, Interim Director; Cheryl Robinson, Secretary
University of Victoria McPherson Library: Marnie Swanson, University Librarian
University of Victoria models and building plans: Facilities Management: Tom Smith, Director; David Perry, Kim Fawthorp, Jeff Pepperdine
Student Research Assistants: Julia Hulbert, Kim Reinhardt
Poster design: Heather Stone and Sophie Pouyanne
Student Curatorial Assistants: Rebecca Leja, Miranda Clement, Loring Rochacewich, Elyse Portal, Gino Shifrin, Zoe McCormack
Archival Assistants: Nada Lora, John Frederick
Loans: private collections: Allan Collier, Alan J. Hodgson architect, Terence Williams architect, David Hambleton architect, Clive Justice architect, Kay Wagg, Silvia Grayham
Research support archival sources: British Columbia Provincial Archives; City of Victoria Archives; Saanich Municipal Archives; College of Environmental Design Archives, University of California, Berkeley; University of Victoria Archives
Research support investigations: Dr. Christopher Thomas, Dept. History in Art, Faculty of Fine Arts and students of his directed studies seminars in modern architecture; Prof. Christopher Gower, Faculty of Fine Arts, 350 Introduction to the theory and practice of architecture class (construction of Di Castri buildings models)
Research informants: Rod Clack architect, John Di Castri architect, David Hambleton architect, Alan J. Hodgson architect, Allan Lester, Donald Lovell, R. Trevor Matthews, Terence Williams architect, Clive Justice architect, David Warner architect, John Wade architect (deceased), Simon Wade, Douglas Campbell, Don Vaughan architect, Robert Siddall architect, Larry Cannon architect, Tony James architect, Don Lovell architect, Shirley Lyon
Photography: Don Pierce, Chris Marshall, University of Victoria Photographic Services
Copyright release to University of Victoria: Alan James Hodgson M.A.I.B.C., M.R.A.I.C., F.R.A.I.C.; Joanne Di Castri; David Hambleton; Clive Justice; Andrea Ciochetti; Corporation of the District of Saanich; City of Victoria
Exhibition installation: Mike Figursky, Darcy Douglas, Mark Hovey, Cam Northover

Canada Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Young Canada Works, Margaret Russell Internship Fund