Final Outcome

The UVic Legacy Art Galleries decided to reunite the windows with their original home as an act of public trust. A historic transfer agreement has been reached with the MHRC to return the largest collection of windows to date in exchange for a modest endowment to care for the collections. The UVic Legacy Art Galleries contends that this decision best serves the scholarly study of this prolific architect by returning the windows for their intended design purpose. Moreover, this international, academic and cultural collaboration positions UVic as a global leader in repatriation, reinforcing its legacy as a centre of artistic excellence.

Reflecting on this agreement, Canadian architecture icon Mme Phyllis Lambert said, “Architecture is an art, and the art glass defines the Martin House.  The transfer of these seven original Wright-designed windows underscores the significance of experiencing architecture in context and leads to the public’s greater understanding of a contemporary masterpiece. As a defining component of the city of Buffalo’s renaissance, I am delighted to support the Martin House and this bi-national effort with the University of Victoria.”  – Martin House Press Release

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