UVic Legacy Art Galleries

The University of Victoria Legacy Art Galleries is UVic’s art museum and home of the university’s extensive art collection. Rotating exhibitions downtown and on campus feature their permanent collection. The gallery has strong holdings of BC art, contemporary Northwest Coast Indigenous art, and decorative arts.

The seven Martin House windows were acquired by UVic Legacy Art Galleries in 1968, known then as the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery. The acting curator purchased the windows through a legal sale from a dealer. The collecting policy at the time focused on acquiring objects from the European and North American Arts and Crafts movement.

Wright was part of the Arts and Crafts movement. This movement formed in response to mechanized labour and mass production to advocate for “tasteful” design, i.e. thoughtfully crafted decorative arts that eliminated excess and respected the nature of materials. It was a natural fit to have Frank Lloyd Wright represented in the Maltwood Museum’s growing Arts and Crafts collection, especially since architects in Victoria, BC, such as Samuel Maclure and John Di Castri, were influenced by Wright’s style.

View of Maltwood Museum. Photograph by William E. John. UVic Archives, 020.1118

UVic Legacy Art Galleries










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