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Maltwood's study gallery

Richard Roskell Bayne
View Bayne Collection home page.

Robert Decastro
Sculpture and drawings, Gift of George and Virginia Winter.

Judith Foster
Artist's Archive, Gift of Anna Vakar.

Fenwick Lansdowne
Works, Gift of Budd and Joyce Feheley.

Cameron Ian Macleod
art collection, Gift of Celeste Shannte.

Eric Metcalfe
Archive, emphasizing his "Brutopia" period.

Nikolai and Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic
Collection of modern art, including 112 portraits by Myfanwy Pavelic and works by the Limners art group.

Robin and Sylvia Skelton
Collection of modern art.

Karl Spreitz
View Karl's Film Collection page.

Roy Tomlinson
Print process study collection.

Limner artists
Herbert Siebner, Maxwell Bates, Richard Ciccimarra, Nita Forrest, Colin Graham, Leroy Jensen, Myfanwy Pavelic, Jack Wilkinson, Pat Martin Bates, Elza Mayhew, Robert deCastro, Walter Dexter, Helga Grove, and Jan Grove, Carole Sabiston, Robin Skelton, Karl Spreitz.

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