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October 2011

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Donald Harvey, The Carmanah Valley Experience, one of 31 panels in a series
Last chance to view this exhibit and the accompanying film before Oct. 1
Convergence/Divergence: Landscape and Identity on the West Coast
This exhibit explores how artists on the West Coast of BC, both settler and First Nations, respond to the West Coast landscape as a means of expressing identity, while also suggesting ways in which an artist's identity provides a lens for presenting or interpreting landscape. The works selected highlight contrasting artistic approaches and ways of relating to local landscapes, illustrating both First Nations' and settlers' complex relationships to the places they live.

Through a selection of prints, drawings, sculpture, paintings and mixed media works, this exhibit shows some of the many ways in which West Coast artists express identity in terms of a sense of self, place or community. The title of this exhibition refers at once to both commonalities in how people relate to, identify with, inhabit or "resonate" with a particular place (convergence) and the differing ways artists see, experience, represent and interpret that place (divergence).

Some of the area's best-known artists are featured, including Emily Carr, Rande Cook, Donald Harvey, E. J. Hughes, Max Maynard, Marianne Nicolson, Toni Onley and Norman Yates.

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chill day
Emily Carr, Chill Day in June
Oct. 5 to Nov. 26
In Her Own Words: Works and Writing by Emily Carr, Myfanwy Pavelic, Katharine Maltwood
This exhibit examines the art of these three unusual women whose lives and art intersected while living in Victoria, BC. Using their own writings and reminiscences, it also allows for expression of their authentic perspective on their art.

In Her Own Words is part of Tourism Victoria's "Season of Emily" in 2011 and includes concerts at the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium. The Victoria Symphony will present two concerts that explore Emily Carr's painting, poetry and connection to the people of the First Nations. These concerts will include the world premiere performances of several new works by Canadian composers and feature video presentations of Emily Carr's artwork.

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Bastion Square
Nov. 30, 2011, to Feb. 26, 2012
The Emergence of Architectural Modernism II: UVic and the Regional Aesthetic in the late 1950s and 60s
The second in a series of exhibitions and publications exploring the relationships, personalities and projects contributing to the development of a regional modernist aesthetic in the post-war Victoria urban landscape, this exhibition develops themes of the earlier exhibition Town and Gown: Centennial Square and the Gordon Head Campus: Seminal Projects (1962–1972) March 10–May 2, 2011.

During this period a small number of legacy architectural firms changed Victoria's built environment with forward-looking planning and bold new architectural forms. Drawing on plans, drawings, photographs and architectural models from the period, this exhibit explores a number of planning initiatives, design projects and building programs that defined this important phase in the development of the Capital Region.

This exhibit will also be in the Small Gallery.
Henry Hunt, Killer Whale
Oct. 8 to Nov. 26
Kuluta and the Professor: The Friendship of Henry Hunt and Peter Smart

This exhibit celebrates the art and legacy of famed Kwakiutl artist Henry Hunt (Kuluta). The exhibit includes the entirety of a significant collection of Henry Hunt's masks, carvings and serigraph prints compiled by Dr. Peter Smart.
Nov. 30, 2011, to Feb. 26, 2012
The Emergence of Architectural Modernism II
Colin G. Pattle, Requiem
Oct. 22 to Nov. 17
Highlights from Special Collections—WWI

In partnership with Pacific Opera Victoria, UVic Archives presents an exhibitions of World War I memorabilia. The opera Mary's Wedding is the poignant story of a woman who on the eve of her wedding remembers her first love. The exhibit presents personal and collective memories as well as artistic renderings.
Painting by Henry Shimizu
Nov. 19, 2011, to Feb. 2, 2012
Images of Internment: Paintings by Henry Shimizu
Shimizu presents a series of paintings documenting his experience as a 13-year-old internee in New Denver 1942–1946. He will also present a lecture on Nov. 23 at 3:30 p.m. entitled "A Trip into the Past" at the Mearns Centre adjacent to UVic Archives.



The City Talks is a free public speakers' series featuring distinguished urbanists drawn from the University of Victoria as well as from outside Victoria. During the 2011–12 academic year, six sessions will be held at the Legacy Art Gallery. Admission is free.


pattle Oct. 27 at 7:30 p.m.
The City Talks
The Monument from Kigali to Toronto: Performing Genocide Across Urban Space and Time

Kim Solga
Associate Professor, English, University of Western Ontario
Thursday Nov. 27 evening, time T. B. A.
Annual Gallery Walk
Come and visit seven of downtown Victoria's best-known galleries: the Legacy Art Gallery, Madrona Gallery, West End Gallery, View Art Gallery, Alcheringa Gallery, Winchester Galleries Modern and Winchester Galleries Humbolt Valley.
shimizu Nov. 24 at 7:30 p.m.
The City Talks
Community Art and the City: A European View

Eugène van Erven
Senior Lecturer, Theatre, Utrecht University

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